Meet the Current Katy Sue Designs Cake Design Team - Pennie Revell

As we are currently recruiting for new Design Team members, we thought it was about time we showed off our current members - so over the next few days we will be showcasing their work!

Pennie Revell - Lady P's Cupcakery

I'm a mum to 3 crazy kiddies  - oh and a house wife.  I just suddenly started taking an interest in cupcakes a few years ago and since then my passion has grown - along with lots of equipment! ;) Which is shocking as I don't think I'm particularly creative! 

I prefer doing cupcakes ... I think! I don't know, maybe I'll get the big cake bug and start loving them!!! 

Cupcakes or big cakes, the whole "cake world" is addictive - very addictive!!! But its also a lovely place where I've made friends for life - over discussing the merits of this fondant over that one,  or who is more handsome Mr Ross Poldark or Daniel Craig! Caking has brought me some firm friends, a new talent I didn't know I had and who knows, maybe I'll have the confidence one day to stop baking for fun and start a business.

My Facebook page is Lady P's Cupcakery!

Here is some of Pennie's amazing work!

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