Christmas Card Cake by Barbara from the Mouldshop!

Good day sweet crafters! My name is Barbara Hoogendoorn. I’m from the Netherlands and I’m the owner of You might guess why I sell moulds? It’s because I LOVE moulds! And Katy Sue Design moulds are absolutely fabulous to work with! I’m so very proud and honoured to be part of the Design Team… Now then, I created this Christmas cake not so very long ago and let me tell you how I did that:

The Cake itself:
What you will need:
·         White fondant
·         EdAble Art Iced Orange
·         Wide brush
How you do it:
Cover your cake with white fondant just like you’re used to. Let the fondant dry. Put some EdAble Art Iced Orange powder colour in a small bowl, don’t be cheap with it. Now take your wide brush and make sure it’s thoroughly filled with icy orange powder.  Colour your cake with round movements. Just keep adding Iced Orange until your cake is completely and evenly coloured.
Decorations on the side of the cake:
What you need:
·         Katy Sue Designs Christmas Baubles
·         Katy Sue Designs Christmas Small Bells
·         Katy Sue Designs Holly Trio
·         Cornflower
·         White fondant
·         Wilton colouring gel Ivory (and optional Wilton Golden Yellow)
·         Colour Dust Cream Pearl
·         EdAble Art Iced Pine
·         Paletknife
·         Wide brush
·         Several fine brushes
·         Edible glue
How you do it:
Knead your fondant.  Add small amounts of Wilton Ivory until you think the colour is right, not too light, but definitely not too dark. If you like you can add a very small amount of Wilton Golden Yellow as well.

Top Tip: make enough for all your decorations at once , even for the card and the letters that go on top. This way you won’t end up with decorations that are different colours! That would be a pity after all your hard work.

Now, dust your mould with some cornflower and tap it upside down on your workspace to remove any excess cornflower. Make a small ball of your fondant and roll it between the palms of your hand to prevent  any cracks. Push the ball into your mould and press. 

Top Tip: If the fondant is sticky use a small piece of food safe plastic to cover your finger. If your fondant ball was too big, use a palette knife to cut away any excess fondant. Always cut from the middle to the edge of your decoration. Otherwise you may remove your decoration from the mould prematurely.

Turn your mould around and push lightly until your decoration falls gently on your workspace. Repeat this process until you have enough Baubles, Holly in 2 different sizes and Christmas Bells in 2 different sizes to cover the complete side of your cake.  To finish your decorations dust them with Cream Pearl Colour Dust using a wide brush. Be careful, don’t overdo it. Now take the smaller brush and dust the holly leaves with Iced pine and the berries with Iced Orange. Use some edible glue to immediately stick the decorations to the cake. If you leave them to dry first they won’t follow the curve in your cake any more.

The Alphabet:
What you need:
·         Katy Sue Designs Manuscript Alphabet
·         Cornflower
·         Fondant , white, Coloured with Wilton Ivory
·         Tylo Powder
·         Colour dust Cream Pearl
·         Edible glue
How you do it:
The letters are made the same as the other decorations, only you strengthen the fondant with some Tylo powder and you leave the letters to dry at least 24 hours before you glue them onto your cake .

The edible card:

What you need:
·         Cornflower
·         Fondant , white, Coloured with Wilton Ivory
·         Tylo Powder
·         Colour dust Cream Pearl
·         Edible glue
·         Roling pin
·         Paletknife
·         Cardboard template 13x15 cm
·         EdAble Art Iced Orange
·         EdAble Art Iced Pine
·         Wide brush
·         Fine brush
·         Scissors
·         Edible glue
What you do:

Knead your fondant with some Tylo powder. Dust your mould with some cornflower and tap any excess out. Roll out a piece of fondant and put over your mould. Use your finger to push it in. Cut any excess fondant with the palette knife. Even the back of your edible card by rolling over it with your rolling pin. Make sure the edges are neat before you empty your mould. Leave to dry completely for at least 24 hours.

Now, for the cardholder you need a template that’s approximately 13x15 cm.  Roll out another piece of fondant and cut out the template. Fold and leave to dry (24 hours) on top of your template which is fold as well. If the fondant is to heavy use some tape to prevent the template from falling flat on your working space. Just tape the two ends together with 3 or 4 centimetres in between. 

Of course there is also a very nice video in which Katy Sue Designs shows you how to work with the Edible Card mould. Check it out here:

Now you need a nice picture to fit the frame! Print it on edible paper (or normal paper if you’re not planning to eat the card) and cut it out. Use some edible glue or piping gel to glue it in its place.

TopTip: check out our website for some free downloadable examples, the image on this cake is among them:

When your card is completely dry dust it with Cream Pearl Colour dust. Concentrate on the higher portions of the card like the bells, so don’t dust excessively on the lower bits. Again, use the Iced Pine to dust the holly leaves lightly and the Iced Orange for dusting the berries.

Mix some fondant with some water, use royal icing or piping gel to glue your card to its holder and put on top of your cake. Now you’re done! Enjoy all the OHHHHHH’s and AHHHHHH’s at your Christmas dinner ;)! 

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